Timing Is Everything…Choosing the BEST time to write and making it tick!

The key to having a successful writing plan are commitment and discipline. You will only succeed as an author by developing a plan and by sticking to it. Part of that plan is choosing the BEST time to write. Only you know the best time of day to write. Are you a morning person? I don’t mean do you get up in the morning, get ready for work, and are in a hurry to get to work. Do your creative juices flow in the morning? Do you have the actual time to write in the morning?

My writing time is late at night. This is a time when the house is quiet and I can listen to music or watch my favorite comedy or play and just write.

There is no right, wrong or better time. Just choose a time and be consistent. This by far, is the one of the biggest challenges that my clients have faced – choosing the BEST time to right and sticking to it. Sure, life gets in the way, but if it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

If you struggle with finding the BEST time to write and making it tick, please schedule a book writing strategy session and let’s get you on the “write” track!

What’s Your Story…are you writing an autobiography or memoir?

The truth is that we all have a story, right? However, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know exactly WHAT type of story you desire to right, so let me help you out! As a book writing strategist and The Write Your Story Coach, you guessed it, I help women to write THEIR story to publish, promote & get paid. Many women know they wish to write a story, but are unclear of what type of story to write.

If you are writing your story, there are two types of stories: an autobiography and a memoir.

An autobiography is a story that describes your life in chronological order leading up to the present time or a particular time in your life. Your story may begin from birth and end at young adult hood. My first autobiography, Give It Up, Turn It Loose: A Women’s Journey from Dominion to Deliverance began from my birth to when my mother passed.

A memoir describes a particular time period in your life, such as childhood, your college days, or perhaps a certain life event (i.e. work life, giving birth, getting married) or something more traumatic such as being a victim of abuse or cancer survivor.

While both literary works describe your life, you can see that a memoir is more specific. If you need help with determining exactly which story you should write, please schedule a discovery session and I will be happy to help you work it through.

Until next time, let’s write your story!

Do You Know Your Writing Purpose? 10 reasons why you should write your story!

Knowing your why, helps you to determine your what – what you are going to write. When writing my first book, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, I was writing my story for healing and deliverance. I was tired of being driven by my past, as opposed to be driven toward the purpose and plan that God had for me. My story helped me to forgive and move forward. And as God would have it, writing my story, allowed me to help other women to write their story.

Knowing your why IS knowing your PURPOSE. Your purpose defines the existence of your story, similarly to your life purpose driving your existence for living, doing and being. When you know your purpose, you begin to act on it and navigate through life with a “thriving” mentality instead of a “survival” mentality. See the difference?
Now, apply that same analogy to writing your story. The purpose for writing your story, should be able to help to clearly articulate your voice in written form, so that others will understand, relate to and be empowered, inspired to do something.

Your purpose for writing your story or your life purpose, is not about you. The only connection you have to your purpose is discovering what it is and living your life or writing your story to fulfill the call of action relative to your purpose. So…what is YOUR purpose? Below are the top 10 common reasons for writing your story:

1) To help let go of your past
2) To seek forgiveness or to forgive
3) To help yo to heal
4) To help find your purpose
5) To overcome Fear
6) To earn additional/multiple streams of income
7) To gain confidence
8) To gain credibility
9) To become an expert
10) To be a blessing and a lesson to and for someone else

There are so many reasons as to why you should write your story, that it may be overwhelming just to pinpoint the ONE reason that is the BEST reason/s for you. I would love to help you to figure that out!

Schedule your book writing strategy session TODAY and let’s discover your writing purpose so that you can #writeyourstory.