Do You Know Your Writing Purpose? 10 reasons why you should write your story!

Knowing your why, helps you to determine your what – what you are going to write. When writing my first book, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, I was writing my story for healing and deliverance. I was tired of being driven by my past, as opposed to be driven toward the purpose and plan that God had for me. My story helped me to forgive and move forward. And as God would have it, writing my story, allowed me to help other women to write their story.

Knowing your why IS knowing your PURPOSE. Your purpose defines the existence of your story, similarly to your life purpose driving your existence for living, doing and being. When you know your purpose, you begin to act on it and navigate through life with a “thriving” mentality instead of a “survival” mentality. See the difference?
Now, apply that same analogy to writing your story. The purpose for writing your story, should be able to help to clearly articulate your voice in written form, so that others will understand, relate to and be empowered, inspired to do something.

Your purpose for writing your story or your life purpose, is not about you. The only connection you have to your purpose is discovering what it is and living your life or writing your story to fulfill the call of action relative to your purpose. So…what is YOUR purpose? Below are the top 10 common reasons for writing your story:

1) To help let go of your past
2) To seek forgiveness or to forgive
3) To help yo to heal
4) To help find your purpose
5) To overcome Fear
6) To earn additional/multiple streams of income
7) To gain confidence
8) To gain credibility
9) To become an expert
10) To be a blessing and a lesson to and for someone else

There are so many reasons as to why you should write your story, that it may be overwhelming just to pinpoint the ONE reason that is the BEST reason/s for you. I would love to help you to figure that out!

Schedule your book writing strategy session TODAY and let’s discover your writing purpose so that you can #writeyourstory.