Give It Up, Turn It Loose!

Five years ago, I had written my first book, Give It Up, Turn It Loose: A Woman’s Journey from Dominion to Deliverance. It was four years from the time I began writing, until it was published. Like many of you, I was struggling with fear, doubt, anxiety, worry, guilt and shame. I was terrified that by writing my book, my skeletons would be let out of the closet, for the whole world to read about.

I finally grew sick and tired of allowing my past to hold me prisoner. It was time to push that book out. In doing so, I was able to finally forgive, let go and move on to discovering the true purpose and plan, God had designed for my life. And the rest is HIStory. To God be the Glory, for my story!

You can use writing as a tool to help you do the same! I would love to help you! Please schedule your book writing strategy session and let me help you to get clarity, gain confidence and stay committed to writing your best selling book!

Not ready? Read my book and allow my testimony to bless you and prayerfully, demonstrate how writing your story, can lead to you to give it up and turn it loose!