Because of my passion for writing, my blog is all about writing. I have been writing, since I could pick up a pen. My favorite subject in school, was English. I can remember as a child, I would get the neighborhood children to play school. Guess who was the teacher? That’s right, and we always had English class. I would have the “students” write.

I also used to write poetry. I would sit in my bedroom as a little girl and express my thoughts. I was a bit of a loner. I didn’t really like going outside, but my mother made me be social. It didn’t matter. I always found a time to write. I guess, it paid off, as I went on to be an editor and contributing writer in junior high school and high school. My senior year, I won a National Journalism Award. I later decided to enroll in junior college in the Radio and Television program. My goal was to be a broadcast journalist. Well…that didn’t happen.

So, writing has been in my heart and soul for as along as I can remember. I truly believe, that if you write the vision and make it plain, he will run, that readeth it. And at that time, it may not have been for the appointed time, but it did not tarry (Habakkuk 2:2-3). It’s ALL WRITE, RIGHT NOW!