Write your Best Selling Book with Clarity, Confidence & Commitment!

Coach Jaime offers individual and group coaching programs, virtual workshops, training and annual book writing retreats to JUMPSTART your book writing, and to prepare you for publishing, marketing and promoting your BEST selling book. After completing one of Coach Jaime’s programs, you will become a purposeful, published and profitable author, IF you do your part!


The goal of coaching to help you move from where you are, to where you desire to be in your writing. What this means is, you have the goal and Coach Jaime helps you to obtain it. Each program has been developed to assist you with gaining clarity, confidence and commitment to writing and finishing your manuscript.

Virtual Book Writing Workshops

Most of my clients are around the country, therefore, it is important for me to be where they are. With the increase of Internet and Social Media exposure, it is critical for me to meet YOU, where you are. This doesn’t mean, you won’t get the chance to meet me in person. It just means, I am committed to providing you with “virtual value” to help you to get your book out of your head an into print.

Online Courses

Coach Jaime provides online courses via her “JUMPSTART YOUR BOOK WRITING™ Academy. If you are looking for a self-paced instruction to helping you to write your book with clarity, confidence and commitment, register to take one of the many audio and video courses, as well as the 30 Day Book Writing Challenge.

W.O.W. (Women Overcoming through Writing) Experience

The W.O.W. Mind, Body & Spirit Experience is a Book Writing Retreat, Conference and Workshop all wrapped into a 3-Day Get-away for writers, aspiring authors and seasoned authors, who need to recharge, restore and rejuvenate, to gain clarity, confidence and stay committed to their book writing. The W.O.W. Mind, Body & Spirit Experience is held every October.

100 Women 100 Stories™

Coach Jaime has a mandate to help 100 women each year to share their testimony through the art of writing. Every woman has a story, and she believes they should write it. Her vision is to help women write their story by becoming an Independent Author or a co-author in a book collaboration that will be published each year via Emiaj Publishing, which is her Independent Publishing Company.