Give it Up, Turn it Loose: A woman’s journey from dominion to deliverance, is a story of a woman’s struggle with dealing with the tragedies from her past. A victim of jealousy, envy, and bitterness, she repressed the pain, fear and insecurities. Refusing to deal with the pain, she develops a need to control and fix the people and situations in her life. It is not until she suffers a great amount of loss, that she is forced to deal with her past, surrender her will to God and be delivered from the pain that kept her in bondage.

This is Jaime’s story, but this is also your story. If you are hurting because someone neglected you, this is for you. If you are feeling insecure because someone rejected you, this is for you. If you are holding on to grudges, this is for you. If you are holding on to things you cannot change nor control; this is for you.

If you are holding on to Pain, Anger, Sorrow and Tears…It’s Time to Give it Up and Turn it Loose!


“As you begin to read, “GIVE IT UP, TURN IT LOOSE” opens the pathway in allowing the Spirit of God to peel the layers and to uproot that which has been holding you back from your destiny. Author Jaime Rohadfox empties out her inkwell, depicting her past on the pages, as she moves into her future. In reading “GIVE IT UP, TURN IT LOOSE”, readers will discover that the first step to deliverance is to recognize that new wine, may not be poured into old wine skins…(Mark 2:22.) What an amazing testimony/story of Rohadfox’s journey and determination to overcome the demons from her past and walk in peace, love, wholeness and her God-given purpose.”

Missionary La’ Tanyha, of Faith ABeliver’s Virtual Book Club

“Reading Give It Up Turn It Loose was very real and inspiring look at the ups and downs of a woman battling demons real and imagined that became real in her life. It is a heart warming, funny, uncompromising story of a women in pursuit of love, acceptance, courage, Faith and the need to be needed. This story will make you think, laugh cry, say what, read and reread it again. The author takes you on a journey on what others thought of her, what she thought of herself, how she handled those who thought ill of her, how she handled those who desired to love her. The author allows you to feel her pain, her disappointments, her anxieties, her truths and the lies she told herself. She takes you on a clear and transparent journey from yes, Dominion to true Deliverance. Her heart is broken, she breaks some hearts and finally she finds the true love of her life that was with her all the time. A true story of a womans walk of Faith and aspirations. Her true identity found in the very deepest parts of her pain and sorrow and the joy of knowing that through it all she was loved all the time. It is the Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth! I dare you to read it!” Minister Kathy Hodge Davis

“I finished reading the book at about 1:00 AM!!! I read it cover to cover…could not put it down. Don’t smack the hand of God”- WOW!! This is a powerful book. We have all been through some things, made plans for our lives, determined the things that would make us happy and ended up TOTALLY LOST! But thank God that His plans are the BEST! Learning to let go of my plans for HIS plans, learning to see myself as He sees me…Dying to myself so that I could live FREE….These are the things that I felt while reading this book! If you don’t know before you sit down and read this book, you will KNOW by the end. NO MATTER WHAT IT IS, YOU CAN BE FREE!!! Jaime Rohadfox, thank you!! Thank God for you and for the courage to share the intimate details of your journey!”
Tinisha Crunkleton Hunt

“The primary reason I used the word gripping in the review title because once I began to read her book, I could not set it down. Jaime has done a excellent job of writing about what had to be be difficult experiences at such a young age. As a man I experienced a wide range of emotions reading Jaime’s book – angry, frustration, laughing, stuck on stupid ( my own) and tears Their are thing she writes about that will have you laughing. Her ability to share important thins about her life without malicious angry or self blame is the testament to her Journey from Dominion to Deliverance. I only hope you write another book. I’ll get it as soon as it hits the market. Jaime, you are clearly one of the Lord’s highly trained Jedi Knights.” Curtis C. Waller