“It was an honor to work with Coach Jaime & Emiaj Publishing, not only in publishing my very first book but also as a first time author. They worked diligently to help the process go as smoothly as possible for me. I was impressed with the design team, I told them what I wanted and when my book cover was sent to me I was in awe of what they had come up with. I dislike deadlines, but in publishing my book and working with the Coach Jaime and the Emiaj Publishing team, I knew I had to stick to them if we were going to make my dream of becoming an author a reality. The services and customer service that I received was outstanding and I will definitely be apart of this team on my future endeavors.” Adriane Mcleod, Author, A Wounded Soul

“I had the pleasure of taking the Marketing Plan opportunity with Coach Jaime and it was informative, insightful, mind changing, gave direction, clarity and most of all it was weight lifting! I felt a release of pressure when going over the steps to marketing. I HAD to shed a tear. I can so see myself as a published author.” Sandra Hardee, Aspiring Author

“So far so good! She definitely knows how to get you thinking about all the right things.”

Linda Orji, Aspiring Author

“Thank you so much for creating the Virtual Writing Workshop. It has helped me with my writing in so many ways. From the organization to the constructive criticism plus the whipping in to shape… 1 thing that will always stick out to me will be, “Living through it to get to it!” That’s just self explanatory. THANK YOU Coach!” Tiffany Jackson, Aspiring Author