What’s Your Story…are you writing an autobiography or memoir?

The truth is that we all have a story, right? However, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know exactly WHAT type of story you desire to right, so let me help you out! As a book writing strategist and The Write Your Story Coach, you guessed it, I help women to write THEIR story to publish, promote & get paid. Many women know they wish to write a story, but are unclear of what type of story to write.

If you are writing your story, there are two types of stories: an autobiography and a memoir.

An autobiography is a story that describes your life in chronological order leading up to the present time or a particular time in your life. Your story may begin from birth and end at young adult hood. My first autobiography, Give It Up, Turn It Loose: A Women’s Journey from Dominion to Deliverance began from my birth to when my mother passed.

A memoir describes a particular time period in your life, such as childhood, your college days, or perhaps a certain life event (i.e. work life, giving birth, getting married) or something more traumatic such as being a victim of abuse or cancer survivor.

While both literary works describe your life, you can see that a memoir is more specific. If you need help with determining exactly which story you should write, please schedule a discovery session and I will be happy to help you work it through.

Until next time, let’s write your story!