Why and Whom? It matters more than you think!

So many of many of you may have noticed that I was MIA, at lease on Social Media. The end of the year, is typically when I shut down and spend some much needed time with family, work on my business goals for the new year and review last year’s accomplishments and epic fails.

During my review of 2016, I also reviewed coaching session notes with clients. To my surprise (not surprised), the top two challenges were, knowing why they want to write and for whom. The what seemed to pretty clear, which was confusing to me, because typically, the why is clear and the what needs some work.

So, I decided to address the two questions, in this post.

Why do you want to write a book, more specifically, why do you want to write your story?
The answer, is not something as a Coach, that I can answer for you. I can however, provide some guidance and steer you in the “write” direction. Your “Why” is your purpose for writing, simply put. What is motivating, inspiring you, or making you angry? What are you most passionate about? These are some of the things you want to consider.

Who am I writing for?

This is was even tougher for my clients to answer. And, NO, it is not for everyone, because frankly, not everyone will be interested or care about reading your book. When you determine your why, your who, SHOULD become clear. Whatever is motivating you or inspiring you to write, should give you an idea as to WHO should and needs to read it. So, this needs to be crystal clear, to help you maintain clarity and focus. It is also just as important as your Why.

Need assistance in working this all out? Schedule your book writing strategy session. Or, if you prefer to go at your own pace, and you’ve “Got This,” then register for my BRAND NEW JUMPSTART YOUR BOOK WRITING™ 6 Week Video Course.

Bottom line is you need to figure it out, or as my husband says, “You need to get it together!”

Coach Jaime