Why Social Media is Killing Your Writing Game!

Social media has become a way of life for most of us. In fact, for some, it has become THE way of life. Think of how much time we spend on social media, socializing, posting, commenting, responding, looking and for some, lurking. Social media is to us now, what television was to us back then. It has completely monopolized our time and our lives.

As a writer, this is NOT a good thing. Social media as great as it can be, as informative and entertaining as it can be (and we must admit, it can be very entertaining), social media is a pure distraction and for many, an excuse. When on social media, it is a whole new world. In fact, I can admit, that for a while, I did not even watch television or the news, because I knew (and still know), that if I need to find out something, I can just log onto my social media feed/s and get the latest news, views, reviews and everything, in every way, but loose.

So, there is hope. There is a way, you can use social media to help with your writing goals. Sounds crazy right? Especially,  after everything I just said, about it being a distraction. Don’t get me wrong, it is a HUGE distraction and is killing your writing game. However, you can use that distraction to your advantage, and here is how:

  1. You can use the posts, comments and statements you make on social media to critique your writing and find your style of writing.
  2. Copy and save everything you write on social media. Remember, I talked about, if you can share it on social media, you can write in a book? Well, if you save your posts or comments, you will begin to see a theme.
  3. Once you save your comments, begin to categorize them into topics. You will easily discover what you are most passionate about and will discover that you may actually be a SME (subject matter expert). These topics, could turn into your chapter titles.
  4. By listing your chapter titles, you will have a chapter outline and can use the comments that you have saved to provide a brief overview. See how this works?
  5. Lastly, ask others who respond or may exchange comments with you, if you can use their response for a book that you are writing. Make sure that you get their permission and be sure to let them know, that they can remain anonymous.

The point is, social media is killing your writing game, because you are not playing the social media game the “write way.” If writing your book is a goal. If writing your book is a priority, then why not benefit from the one thing that I am pretty sure is monopolizing MOST of your time?

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Coach Jaime